Applying for Section 8 Voucher Program

If you are regularly struggling to pay for rent, then maybe it's time to consider applying for housing assistance. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), is a federal program administered locally by Public Housing Authorities. Available in most areas of the United States, it aims to help you pay for rent.

What needs to be done for you to get housing assistance?

Meet basic qualifications

  • U.S. citizen, or noncitizen who has eligible immigration status
  • must be at least 18 years old
  • single, married, with children -- all can apply
  • household income must be less than 50% of Area Median Income in the area where you want to apply/reside
  • rental history

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Living In A Good Place

It is very important to have a good place to live in. Housing quality standards that are set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development help in ensuring that your home will be healthy, safe, and comfortable. In the Housing Voucher Program and the Section 8 Certificate Program, there are two varieties of housing quality standards.

  • Things that a house or apartment must have in order to be approved by the Public Housing Agency (PHA), and
  • Extra things that you must think about for the other needs of your own household. These are parts that you can decide.

The Requirements

  • The apartment or house must have at least a bathroom, living room, and a kitchen.
  • One-room efficiency apartments with a kitchen area are alright. But there must be a private bathroom for the use of your household.
  • There should be one sleeping/living room for every two household members.
  • Other rooms like enclosed porches, basements, halls, and dens are okay if present.
  • Floors, walls, windows, and ceiling must all be in good condition, and without any holes or huge cracks.
  • There must be no mold or any other form of infestation.
  • Plumbing and heating must all be working properly.
  • There must be no peeling, chipping, or cracking paint.
  • Lighting fixtures and sockets must all be in good condition, and there must be no exposed wirings.

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